Management Team

Steve Dale - CEO/Founder

Steve lives in the beautiful Okanagan Valley of BC, with his highschool sweetheart, Kirsty, and their two children, Ava and Griffin. He loves nature, so he philanthropically raises chickens for the coyotes, and vinifera grapes for the birds. Whenever he gets off the farm, he loves to travel, ski, sail, snorkel/dive, and surf. He is evangelically passionate about teaching people how to profit by perpetuating the ongoing collapse of usurious fiat currency. He believes that everyone can simultaneously make a mint, by making a difference. Steve and Kirsty support an substantial number of charities and NPO's.

Rob Charney - COO

Originally from Burlington, Ontario, Rob Charney acquired his B.A. in Economics and Diploma in Business Administration from Wilfrid Laurier University. Rob then spent roughly the next 15 years in the North American Steel Industry before leaving a management position behind to relocate to Kelowna, BC. Since 2006 Rob has been in the financial sector first as a Commercial Lender for a major financial institution prior to most recently brokering mortgages for Canada’s largest brokerage firm under the MortgageFinancingBC brand he co-developed. As COO, Rob brings a diverse perspective to the position and is excited to help us grow Collective Currency into a global success story.

Moira Wong – Chief Legal Officer

Moira obtained her Bachlor of Arts in International Relations from UBC and Bachelor of Laws from the University of Western Ontario. She practiced law for a decade, and currently works as a university law instructor. She also sits on the board of directors of a charitable foundation for stroke research. At work, Moira is a perfectionist. Her solid reputation has been built on being detailed and meticulous. She uses her common sense on doing things the correct way. At play Moira is an avid squash player, skier, and golfer. She is a dedicated mother and strives to experience as much as life has to offer!

Michael D. Grimes - CFO

Michael is the founder and principal of MDG Corporate Services. Michael maintains UEG, Inc.'s accounting and administration at our head office in sunny St. James, Barbados. He is a devout Christian family man, and we are happy to have him, and his years of business experience, on our team. If you would like to incorporate a business in Barbados, we highly recommend his services. Visit for more information.

Bruce Kamm - CTO

We are extremely fortunate to call Bruce our CTO. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to technology, the barter industry, and its software. Before the Internet, Bruce was a pioneer, developing online information services for the Regional Bell Operating Companies. More recently, he has developed one of the most popular barter network software platforms in existence, and has worked tirelessly with us to customize it to accommodate our unique business model. Bruce's experience and expertise includes barter, trade, countertrade, asset management, and alternative capital financial transactions that greatly expand liquidity and bottom line profitability. Bruce's expertise also includes all phases of real estate development and construction in addition to marketing, promotion and operational cost reduction for the hospitality and restaurant industries.