Credit Clearing Solutions, a division of UEG, Inc. provides Accounts Payable Assistance and Accounts Receivable Solutions.

How can you get us up to 100% of the cash that we are owed in receivables?

CCS provides you with a settlement offer that you may offer to your debtors so they can settle their debt at 3:1 with their Gift Certificates which we proceed to sell to the public at 50% of face value. You, the creditor, receive 2/3 of the cash proceeds from each digital gift certificate as they are sold. When all of the certificates are sold, 100% of your receivable will be recovered in cash.

What if all of the Gift Certificates don’t sell?

The debt is cleared once the debtor authorizes the creation of the Gift Certificates to clear the debt. If only half of the Certificates sell, creditors will only receive half of the amount of the original receivable.

Why would a debtor agree to pay a premium of 3:1 in their Gift Certificates?

The debtor does not have cash to pay the debt because their business is short of customers. We send them customers! Even if the debtor could write a cheque for the amount of the Receivable, and spend twice as much on advertising, that wouldn't guarantee them the customers that we will put in their establishment. Much-needed customers that will usually spend over the value of the Gift Certificate. If they are satisfied they may become repeat customers. The Gift Certificate premium can be written off to marketing.

What if the Debtor issuing the Gift Certificates goes out of business?

If the debtor goes out of business, CCS will stop selling their certificates, but we can’t exchange them. If you were their creditor, you wouldn’t have received payment anyway. We work to mitigate losses, but we cannot clear receivables from dead accounts!

How do you propose to deal with my Accounts Payables problems?

To participate in clearing of your accounts payable, your company must first be a member in good standing of Collective Currency. Once your member account is in place you can manually list (or upload) your payables onto our Accounts Payables settlement offer form and select a premium to offer your creditors in Collective Currency Trade Credit.

For example, If you owe ABC Company $100 USD, but offer $125 USD in trade credit (equivalent to $125 USD). They can then shop within the network of companies on Collective Currency where they can try to spend your credit down, earning a 25% premium for their trouble. If they don’t find anything that they want, you still owe them the cash, so they have nothing to lose by looking.

What are Credit Clearing Specialists?

We select our most capable Trade Brokers from Collective Currency to act as Credit Clearing Specialists. They help direct companies into utilizing our Credit Clearing Solutions. They are trained to help their client companies get the most out of their dead capital, both through cash and trade credit. Ask your Trade Broker to set up pre-approved accounts for your creditors and see if you can make some payables disappear!

Where do you sell the Digital Gift Certificates?

Gift certificates are sold on Dealacopia, our sister site.

Are you hiring? 

Yes, we are always hiring in every language, everywhere. Join Collective Currency and start your Trade Broker training today. You will then be eligible to work this very lucrative credit clearing program. Credit Clearing Specialists earn 10% of all receivables cleared for their clients, and it doesn’t come out of the client’s share.

If I want to list my company scrip on Dealacopia and earn cash directly, can I?

Yes! We offer the best return in the industry. Most daily deal sites split the sale price with you. Their best case scenario would pay you 25% of face value. You can list your own scrip on Dealacopia, self-serve, and receive back 2/3 of the sale price! Selling Digital Gift Certificates at a 50% discount through us earns you 33%, compared to 25% from our competition. You list the description and upload at least one image. It's an easy way to list your next promotion!