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Specialist Network A Powerful Team of Credit Clearing Specialists that Make Collecting Receivables Painless

  • Specialist Assistance
    A global network of finance specialists ready to assist you with collecting receivables.
  • Automated Referral Tracking
    Earn commissions on the creditors and vendors you refer to Credit Clearing Solutions.
  • Multi-Form Submissions
    Access appropriate form templates to submit creditor, debotr or vendor referrals.

  • Receivables Satisfied
    Creditors receive up to 100% of the receivable amount in cash from sales of digitial certificates.
  • Integrated Referral Tracking
    Built-in reports to make referral tracking and completed deals easy to manage.
  • ACH and PayPal Support
    Payments are made to creditors and referrors by ACH or to PayPal accounts.

Mobile Support iPhone, iPad, & Android Mobile Support


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