• Monetize Bad Debt

    Credit Clearing Solutions resolves collection issues by converting your outstanding receivables into full value with no loss and no write down... Receive 100% cash for your uncollectable receivables.
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  • Clear Your Debts

    Use excess capacity or inventory to satisfy creditors. Offer them the opportunity to spend your trade credit in our global network. Convert your product or service into trade currency and pay your past due invoices with sales to new customers.
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  • A Brilliant Concept

    A brilliant array of features awaits you, the top being Digital Gift Certificates that are monetized, so creditors receive 100% for their troubled receivables.
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image Convert troubled receivables into cash to purchase new merchandise. +


image Get full value for past due receivables and uncollectable debt. +


image Collect 100% of your receivables with a CCS program. +

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Debtors: Ultimate Payments Control

Credit Clearing Solutions provides powerful debt relief for companies in a single, unique platform. Utilizing Credit Clearing Specialists, you can get the debt clearing services you need to reduce your accounts payable with your products or services instead of cash.

Using CCS is incredibly simple due to its custom, advanced interface, enabling you to submit payable details with ease.


Leverage Your Client Base

Engage your clients by providing them with advanced credit clearing enhancements to improve collections. CCS features include mutli-receivables submission support and online forms.

Earn cash residuals for all of your client's cleared debt by registering for an account as a CSS agent today!


Become A CCS Agent

Provide the benefits of credit clearing to your clients and associates by assisting them with advanced credit clearing enhancements to improve collections. CCS features include multi-receivables submission support and online forms.

Earn 10% cash residuals for all of your client's cleared debt. Register for an account as a CSS agent today! There are two prequisites: you must be a trade broker at a respectable B2B trade network, and you must have registered on Dealacopia to receive your referral code. This is where your cash earnings are generated and distributed from. This is an exciting new career in a recession positive industry that you can work from home, or anywhere!

Interview: Rollingdale Winery


Rollingdale Winery a small farm gate winery located in Lakeview Heights, in West Kelowna focuses on producing fine wines using only premium grapes made from the most conscientiously cultivated vines they can find.

Its collection of fine wines and ice wines are sold to the public at their winery, as well as to the restaurant and hospitality industries.

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Fusion with Technology

A CCS exclusive based on a network of Credit Clearing Specialists


Fusing technology with a network of resourceful financial and credit specialists, CCS facilitates what was previously impossible.

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Digital Gift Certificates

Digital Gift Certificates provide the Core Asset to Reduce Debt


Credit Clearing Solutions provides automated processes to generate, inventory and sell debtor's Digital Gift Certificates to increase sales.

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